In memoriam to James Rowan Jr.

Jimmy-Rowan.mpegAs we approach the 74th anniversary of the Rhythm Night Club fire, I wanted to mention some of the people who appeared in the documentary and have since passed away.

This is James Rowan Jr., who died a few months after granting us his interview. Mr. Rowan gave us this interview which lasted for about an hour and half, all from his hospital bed. James was a native of Natchez and a graduate of Alcorn State University. This was a kind man who talked not only about the Rhythm Night Club Fire but about his younger years as a celebrated musician. He even shared a story about himself and Ralph Waite of the The Waltons television show. James had a part in Mr. Waite’s television show, The Mississippi which ran in the early 80’s. James told an endearing story of how Mr. Waite was going to make sure that he appeared in his TV show.


James Rowan Jr – 1926-2010


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