DVD is now for sale

I am very happy to announce that at long last, the Rhythm Club Fire Documentary film is now on sale.┬áThis journey has been long but we are finally here. We set the price very low at only $10. The main goal is that everyone can now have a chance to see the film. 20% of every sale will go to the perpetual care of the mass grave at the Watkins Street Cemetery where many of victims were buried. This project has been my life’s journey since I first learned of the Rhythm Night Club Fire 6 years ago. The responses have been overwhelming that this story was finally being told. There were many hurdles put in the way of making the film, some were circumstance while others were man made. I have not spoken of these events. I thought the victims of the fire and the great people of the city of Natchez deserved better. Also rest assured that just because the movie is now being released, my part does not end. I will continue to fight to bring the story of this tragedy to masses. With the 75th anniversary of the fire fast approaching, let us not forget the debt we owe to everyone connected with the story. We owe the 209 victims who died in the fire, we owe the countless victims who were buried in the mass grave outside of town, we owe the firefighters who fought the blaze that night, the Chicago Defender and the Natchez Democrat for their outstanding news coverage at the time of the fire and the years that followed right up until present day, we owe the people who kept the story alive like Darrell White of the N.A.P.A.C. museum in Natchez, we owe the people who have tried to care for the cemetery where many of the victims were buried and finally we owe the residents of Natchez, Mississippi who were all touched in some fashion by those events 75 years ago. They bare the scars of that night in their hearts and on their souls.


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