Short explanation:

In April of 1940 , a dance was to take place at a building called The Rhythm Night Club in Natchez,Mississippi. A famous band leader on his way back to Chicago was going to play a one night engagement at the Rhythm Club. This drew over 700 people to this small club. In order to keep the non-paying public from getting a free show, the manager of the club boarded up the windows and doors leaving only one way in and one way out which was the front door.

The club had been decorated with Spanish moss which was hung from the chicken wire in the rafters. In order to kill the bugs that were known to live in the moss, it was sprayed with a petroleum based insecticide called Flit.

A fire broke out, 209 people were killed. Many of the victims were buried in a mass grave at a cemetery, outside of town.

It is still listed as the 2nd deadliest nightclub fire in United States history .