When I do Q&A’s or give interviews about the Rhythm Club Fire, many of the questions have to do with individual facts about the fire. Many of the stories that have been repeated were simply not based on fact. For example, one of the most repeated stories was that the building burned down completely. This is not true. The majority of the main structure was still in tack after the fire. The building would eventually become a plumbing supply store by the early 60’s.

What I wanted to do with this section was to list many of the facts about the Rhythm Night Club Fire that are based on our findings while making the documentary film, The Rhythm Club Fire.

List of Facts about the Rhythm Club Fire

Fact #1 – Did the building burn down?

Fact #2 – Who ran the club on the night of the fire?

 Fact #3 – What band was originally booked to play that night?

 Fact #4 – How many people were there that night?

Fact #5 – Is there actual film footage of the fire?