74th anniversary of the Rhythm Club Fire

We are coming up on the 74th anniversary of the Rhythm Club Fire. Since first learning of this tragedy in 2009 we have seen a ground swell of interest in the story. When talking to groups or during Q&A’s after a film festival screening, I have used the line that “this is the most tragic story you’ve never heard of”. Thanks to social media, newspapers and film festival screenings, this piece of history has been shared with an ever increasing world audience.

74th Anniversary It is very exciting to be a witness to this movement, people discovering their own family’s history and sharing stories with others. Some now know that their relatives were hero’s in their own right and they have a more clear understanding- of what they might have gone through on that tragic night, April the 23rd, 1940.

The past 5 years have been an amazing journey but we have more work to do. We are all part of a collective mission to bring this story to the whole world. Please share this page and join our Facebook community.

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