73rd anniversary of the tragedy at the Rhythm Club

Depending on when you read this, today marks the 73rd anniversary of the tragedy at the Rhythm Club. It seems only fitting and special that this films first film festival screening is in a few days. I did an interview with the The Natchez Democrat yesterday and towards the end of the interview I was asked “what did I learn during the making of the film” I can honestly say that I have learned how much I will never know. As I sat with the people of Natchez who told me story after story of that tragic night, I was struck with the realization that there were so many stories still left untold. Not just about the Rhythm Club Fire but in my own personal life. Every day we allow those little slices of history to fade without an ear to fall on, lost to time and to those whom squander it with a shrug. I no longer take for granted the moment when I can listen to someone tell me of an event in their life, I consider it a gift. For that I owe the great people of Natchez and the 209 souls who never got a chance to tell their story. For that I say thank you.


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